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Welcome to The Potomac Assembly #2204

The Potomac Assembly # 2204 is made of 4th degree knights from the following three Councils: 

The Potomac Assembly # 2204 was founded 06/01/1990.   The regular meetings are held at 8 PM at the Mount Vernon Council on the 4th Monday of each month except for the months of  May and December when the meetings are moved to the 3rd Monday of the month due to the major holidays of  Memorial Day & Christmas.

 The Potomac Assembly is under the leadership of the the Faithful Navagator Tom Fahey The Potomac Assembly is under the Virginia District Master, Cy Alba and the District Marshall for Arlington Diocese is Thomas A Trudeau  The Virginia District is part of the Calvert Province which covers Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia for the Knights  of Columbus Fourth Degree Members.

The Fourth Degree was established on February 22, 1900, on the principle of patriotism - love for and devotion to one's country. The Fourth Degree Knights focus the majority of their activities on this principle. The Fourth Degree is an important part of the Knights of Columbus Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization.

The Calvert Province is one of the original 6 provinces established by the Knights of Columbus. It originally included New York and New Jersey. The province was named for the Calvert Family (Lord Baltimore) that formed the state of Maryland. There have been 15 Vice Supreme Masters of the Calvert Province.  The highest officer is the Supreme Master, chosen by the Orderís Board of Directors

4th degree seal


 "Degree of Patriotism"
The Fourth Degree Emblem

The Knights of Columbus, an array of dedicated Catholic gentlemen, glory in the epithet: "The right arm of the Catholic Church." Sir Knights of the Fourth Degree deem it an honor and privilege to carry the triad emblem, which features the Dove, Cross, and Globe. Our honored Order cherishes its patron Christopher Columbus. Christopher "Christ bearer" Columbus. The Dove of Peace symbolizes the Paraciete. The Cross of Christ is the sign of our Christian faith; similarly, the Globe depicts the New World, the miraculous discovery of Columbus. Spiritually, the sacred symbols fashioned on our sword and lapel pin typify the union of the three divine Persons in one Godhead, the Most Holy Trinity.
The Globe - God the Father, Creator of the Universe
The Cross - God the Son, Redeemer of Mankind
The Dove - God the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier of Humanity
God willing, may we, Christian Soldiers in the Columbian Crusade, lend loyalty to our honored Order, Patriotism to our beloved America, and Devotion the Holy Mother Church, all for the greater glory of God Almighty.


The Patriotic Degree of the Order

Religiously Devoted, Patriotically Proud

For most men who follow Jesus, there comes a time when duty extends beyond our own lives, beyond how we lead our families, and into how we serve our fellow man. That's what the Knights of Columbus is all about. The Patriotic Degree allows knights to take this one step further.  "Sir Knight" is more than a title.  It's an honor.


Vision & Goals

– Standing Firm in Support of the Order

Knights of the Patriotic Degree are dedicated to the personal development and continued honor of brother Knights. We are always there to offer leadership, guidance, and encouragement.

– Proudly Serving the Country

Knights of the Patriotic Degree glorify God by serving our communities and nations as though Christ were the one being served.

– Unwavering Support of the Faith

Knights of the Patriotic Degree hold unwaveringly to what is right and honorable, working to keep God in the civic arena, serving the life of the Church, and defending laws that recognize the sanctity of life and true religious liberty.

– Honoring the Legacy of Knighthood

The Color Corps is an elective division of the Patriotic Degree that presents a visible reminder of our service to the community.


4th Degree Assembly

Another degree open to members of the Knights of Columbus is that of the Fourth (or Patriotic) Degree. On February 22, 1900, the first exemplification of that degree was held in New York City. The ritual added patriotism to the three original principles of the Order: charity, unity and fraternity. Any Third Degree member in good standing, one year after the anniversary of his First Degree, is eligible for membership in the Fourth Degree. The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the Knights' respective countries through active membership in local Fourth Degree groups called assemblies. Fourth Degree members must retain their membership as Third Degree members in the local council to remain in good standing.

Vice Supreme Master
Faithful Navigator
District Marshall
Assembly Commanders
Color Corps
Former Vice Supreme Masters
Former masters
Past Faithful Navigators

Blue Cape and Chapeau
Gold Cape and Chapeau
White Cape and Chapeau
Green Cape and Chapeau
Purple Cape and Chapeau
Red Cape and White Chapeau
Blue Cape and Chapeau
Gold Cape and Chapeau
White Cape and Chapeau


Master Jewel

Starting at the Supreme level there is the Supreme Master and the Supreme Board of Directors. The next level of the structure is broken into provinces of which there are twenty. Each province is lead by a Vice-Supreme Master. The Vice-Supreme Master wears a light blue lined cape and chapeau. There are currently 14 provinces in the United States, 4 in Canada, 1 in Mexico and 1 in the Philippines.
Vice Supreme Master Jewel

The province is then broken up into districts. Most districts are either an entire State or a section of a larger State (i.e. Virginia has one). A Master (jewel pictured left) is in charge of a District and wears gold lined cape and chapeau. Master's are responsible for overseeing the Installation of 4th Degree Assembly Officers, The Renewal of Obligations in January, and holding at least one 4th Degree Exemplification each year.

District Marshall Jewel

Also a Master usually has a District Marshall to assist him. The District Marshall wears a green lined cape and chapeau. Faithful Navigators wear a white cape and chapeau.

Faithful Navigator Jewel
The Jewel for the 4th degree officers are suspended from a red, white, and blue ribbon. Each contains the 4th Degree Emblem and title of the Officer's position. The Assembly is structured in much the same manner as a Council. Below is a chart that shows the 4th Degree Assembly Officer's title and the 3rd Degree Council equivalent.
4th Degree Officer Title 3rd Degree Officer Title
Faithful Navigator
Faithful Friar
Faithful Captain
Faithful Pilot
Faithful Admiral
Faithful Scribe
Faithful Comptroller
Faithful Purser
Faithful Inner Sentinel
Faithful Outer Sentinel
Faithful Trustee 3rd Year
Faithful Trustee 2nd Year
Faithful Trustee 1st Year
Worthy Grand Knight
Worthy Chaplain
Worthy Deputy Grand Knight
Worthy Warden
Worthy Chancellor
Worthy Recorder
Worthy Financial Secretary
Worthy Treasurer
Worthy Inside Guard
Worthy Outside Guard
Worthy Trustee 3rd Year
Worthy Trustee 2nd Year
Worthy Trustee 1st Year
Certain members of the Fourth Degree serve as Color Guards and Honor Guards at civic and religious functions, an activity which has brought worldwide recognition to the Knights of Columbus organization. Honor Guardsmen have mastered the "Manual of the Swordsmen/Color Corp Drill Manual". The District Commander of the Color Corps wears a green line cape and chapeau. The Color Corp Commander wears a purple line cape and chapeau. Finally, all other members of the Color Corp wear red lined capes and white chapeaus.

Vice-Supreme Master Master District Marshall Faithful Navigator Commander Color Corp
Master (Light Blue)
Master (Gold) District Marshall
District Commander (Green)
Navigator (White)
Color Corp
Commander (Purple)
Color Corp
Member (Red)

When a Fourth Degree Member or Color Corp Member is dressed in his tuxedo there are seven miniature jewels he may wear if he validly holds the title of a Past or Former Officer. Six of the seven jewels are shown below. The one for Former Supreme Director is missing. They are from left to right:

Minature Jewels
Past State Deputy
Former District Deputy
Past Grand Knight
Past Faithful Navigator
Former Master
Former Vice-Supreme Master

The Color Corps
 For the benefit of our newest members, here is a brief description of the uniform worn by the Color Corps.

· Black Tuxedo
· Plain White Tuxedo Shirt
· Black Bow Tie
· Black Shoes
· Black Socks
· Black Cummerbund no vest
· Service Baldric (worn over the coat, from right shoulder to left hip)
· White Chapeau with Medal 4th Degree Emblem
· Red Cape unless eligible to wear different color
· Black Handled Sword with scabbard unless eligible to wear white handle
· 4th degree pin & a simple US Flag pin worn on left lapel, with the flag above the emblem. 
· All must wear these pins or none may wear them at an event
· Past mini jewels (PGK, PFN, FDD etc) are worn above the left coat pocket
· White Color Guard Gloves
· Current Officer Jewels may be worn over the Baldric.


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