Council Pro-Life Efforts

SK Richard Hayden

SK Richard Hayden
Culture of Life Committee Chairman

Use the link below to sign up for a set on one of our busses going to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday January 19, 2018!

Spots on this signup are for the total number of spots available on the 3 busses that are part of the joint Good Shepherd/St. Louis group organized by the Mount Vernon Council of the Knights of Columbus. Riders will be assigned to busses at the conclusion of the signup period. If you are reserving spots for a group of people, enter in the names of each member of the group to reserve the bus seats first. Then send an email to or with the names of the people in your group, and we will do our best to keep groups together on the same bus going to and from the March for Life.

Busses will depart from Good Shepherd Catholic Church at 10:30AM on January 19, 2018 with one bus making a slight detour to pick up students from St. Louis School on the way to the march. Busses will return riders to either St. Louis or Good Shepherd based on where they got on the bus initially.

      Visit Knights of Columbus Pro Life Website